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I’ve created formerly about why I love bullet vibrators consequently much. They regularly seem in my best 3 favorite intercourse toys and games, which frequently evolves expected to continuing advancements in satisfaction tech. There are thus several bullet vibes to pick from – how can you get positive the one you’re acquiring from an on-line love-making store is definitely going to be orgasmically helpful? Welcome to my bullet vibrators information! I’ll also turn out to be referencing the various topic vibrator critiques here at the intercourse blog website.

What Is A Bullet Vibe?

Bullet vibrators will be so-called because they’re bullet formed and tiny besides. Oftentimes these toys will be likewise referred to as mini vibes, pants pocket vibrators or have some other, equivalent labels.

As properly just as the shape of the making love toy making its name appropriate, a “bullet” vibrator will be a little but strong object which can vibrate at high velocity, employed to accurately focus on erogenous areas and assist tip you over into ‘la small mort’. They’re usually applied to give effective clitoral stimulation, but of training you can make use of them wherever and however you pick. Simply not really anally, as they don’t possess a flared foundation. But all over else is excellent!

Why Are Bullet Vibes Popular?

Topic vibrators are usually famous because their little size makes them effortless to use, light to keep and versatile. They’re discreet for solo masturbation but also small more than enough to deliver non-threatening more pleasure during lovers’ foreplay and sex. I’ve determined useful bullet vibes costed from around £12+ as properly, producing them ideal for every spending budget.

These little size vibrators are typically many quieter than large vibrators, making them best for situations where discretion will be a must -discussed properties, the job loo on your meal bust… etc. Plus, the little measurement combined with very low noise productivity makes topic vibes best for sliding into your handbag or weekend break situation for naughtiness on the step.

Right now you realize what bullet vibrators are usually, and why they’re hence well-known, let’s take a look at quite a few of my faves!

My Top 5 Beloved Bullets

1. Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Topic Vibrator

My favourite bullet vibrator right right now is usually the Ann Summers Moregasm In addition to Bullet Vibrator. It’s ended up offering the majority of my ejaculations since I evaluated it in August 2018, which shows simply just how lazy I i am I presume. This vibrator will be produced with dual density silicone therefore there’s a charming squish aspect in the idea, while keeping plenty rigidity to get grindable…

The Moregasm+ bullet is as well rechargeable, waterproof and possesses many vibrating configurations. On the best constant speed, climax will be an utter conviction for me -typically in not as much than 30 seconds if I completely surrender to its energy.

Read my Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Bullet Vibrator analysis

2. Caring Happiness Ability Bullet Vibrator

Narrowly & relatively lately pressed into second place, the Warm Enjoyment Ability Bullet Vibrator was my favourite bullet vibrator for almost two decades (2016-2018).

Made from a well coated firm vinyl, the Loving Joy Power Bullet delivers extremely sturdy vibrations which will be about the deeper instead than high-frequency, buzzy side of the spectrum. That’s different for a bullet vibe, usually the tiny dimensions mixed with little batteries qualified prospects to a tinny buzz which doesn’t obtain me off.

As properly just as delivering vibrations almost deeply plenty of to be identified just as rumbly, the Loving Joy Electricity Topic is rechargeable and waterproof. Regretfully, the recharging dock let me this otherwise brilliant vibrator down, in my judgment. It’s flimsy, cheap and doesn’t go with the key merchandise. I seriously trust potential incarnations will consist of an improved ipod dock.

Read my Loving Joy Rechargeable Electric power Bullet Vibrator overview, plus a analysis by the Pleasure Panel.

3. We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator

The We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator is a rechargeable, inflexible (clear plastic) bullet vibe which delivers a somewhat several type of vibrating stimulation than any additional bullet vibe I’ve applied. Alternatively of great consistency vibrations, the Tango delivers a deeper, additional thuddy vibration which can make for really effective clit stim. It’h waterproof, and provides the operation press option on the base. While the major body of the We-Vibe Tango Topic Vibrator is cylindrical, the idea is usually cleverly angled for intensely correct stimulation.

Available in azure or pink (or cosmic purple, if received just as some of the We Vibe Anniversary Established), the We-Vibe Tango Topic Vibrator will be normally called just as ‘favourite bullet vibe’ amongst my girlfriends. You give a little tad more, as it’s a rechargeable sex plaything and so represents an investment, but it’s certainly worthwhile the price tag.

Read my We Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator analysis, plus more than a few others from the Pleasure -panel team.

4. Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

My Tracey Cox Supersex Topic Vibrator is a silver-coloured plastic bullet vibe with a thrust button to operate about one stop, and a curved tip for comfortable however exact stimulation on the different. It’s in addition on the market in dark-colored or pinkish.

Unlike my top two faves, – – the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is not rechargeable but can be as an alternative power by one AAA battery. It’s completely waterproof cheers to the silicone securing engagement ring between the twist-off cover and the majority of the topic.

Despite staying battery pack power, and the vibrations not really staying quite mainly because heavy and rumbly as the Loving Joy or Ann Summers Moregasm designs, the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator however gives you astonishingly effective vibrations for its size. They’re definitely not substantial consistency ‘tinny buzz’, in my view, they’re middle of the to excessive and fast more than enough to take me to a discreet, nourishing orgasm whenever I pick. This will be a excellent choice for the budget-conscious, with a typical retail price of merely under £15.

Tracey Cox has created a large variety of gender gadgets in alliance with Lovehoney, including a rechargeable, multi-function variant of this bullet vibrator. You can get all the Tracey Cox intimacy gadgets in this article.

5. Boulders off RO-80me Ammunition For Appreciate

You can find away additional about the Gravel Away RO-80mm bullet vibrator in the Stones Off of section arriving up after in this post.

Nowadays, allow’t have a appearance found at some of the other topic vibrators available:

Lovehoney Bullet Vibes

Lovehoney possess constructed various of their private bullet vibrators in recent decades, as some of their several amounts. Many of the time, a fashion of intimacy playthings just simply functions (or offers), consequently you’ll usually locate a equivalent rabbit or buttocks connector or whatever it may come to be merely re-branded and movie 18+ coloration themed for whichever selection it’s a portion of. But quite often, a model of sex toy will become upgraded/created specifically for a particular series, so it will have its unique exceptional functions placing it aside from identical models.

Sub-ranges happen to be frequently ended as the associated tendency goes or to help to make method for funky innovative companies. Current samples are the Bettie Page, Michaelötley Crüe, Motorhead, Oh-Moji, Beneficial Vibes, Tokidoki back button and Wide Metropolis intimacy model series.

Let’s consider a easy look at most of the different Lovehoney bullet vibrators right now out there:

Lovehoney Desire High class Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Part of the alluring Lovehoney Desire selection, the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator comes with a stunning safe-keeping bag, will be fully waterproof and gives a mesmerising variety of stimulating capabilities. It’h USB rechargeable and has a traveling lock for worry-free orgasmic delight when aside from home.

Read the Lovehoney Desire High end Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator evaluation

Fifty Shades of Grey We Aim To More information Topic

Here’s another bullet vibe which will be from a favorite series -a brand you simply might have observed right here and there over the previous several decades. The Fifty Hues of Gray We Goal To Make sure you Bullet Vibrator holds the similar silver firmness as the relaxation of the initial Fifty Colours love-making toy collection, and comes in a recognized field presenting a darkly lusty colouring system and quotes from the guide.

This battery-powered bullet vibe will be totally waterproof, features a thrust button operation and features solitary rate vibration. It’s extremely related to the authentic Tracey Cox Supersex topic vibrator, just with the Fifty Hues stamping.

Read my Fifty Colours of Grey We Aim To Please be sure to Topic Vibrator analysis, plus a bonus analysis by the Pleasure Cell.

Lovehoney Magic Topic 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

The Lovehoney Magic Topic 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator is equivalent to the Lovehoney Desire Topic 10 Function Bullet Vibrator in purple or red, and the Lovehoney Power Carry out 10 Function Topic Vibrator.

Powered by one AAA electric battery, this waterproof bullet vibe is a basic but trustworthy toy package essential. It gives 10 stimulating features, is usually quiet during employ and can enhance solitary or provided intimate satisfaction trainings.

Read a Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator analysis

Lovehoney A good Very little Bit Of Magic Sex Toy Kit Topic Vibrator

This mermaid-tail designed bullet vibrator arrives just as half of the eye-catching A Smaller Bit Of Magic Love-making Toy Kit. It’s all about colourful shine, and orgasmic enjoyment to boot. I didn’t find this bullet vibrator as effective/successful for me as the Tracey Cox, Fifty Tones or comparable bullets, generating it finest for those who prefer moderate relatively than high-powered vibrations.

It’s battery-powered, waterproof and has a push-button base operation.

Read my Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic Intercourse Toy Kit assessment

Rubble Out of Bullet Vibrators

Dirt Down are the makers of the best-selling RO-80 bullet vibrator, liked by thus various orgasm-hunters all over the world. The RO-80 was distributed only, or as the motorized product within (& removable from) many earlier Gravel Off intercourse playthings, such as the Natural stone Girl, Bum Berries and Miniature Buddies.

The RO-80 is in addition the vibrating electricity behind Shed Simove’s OMG! Vibrator, movie 18+ which I assessed recently. Dirt Off making love toys and games are usually oftentimes rebranded under licence by Ann Summers.

Since my early days and nights enjoying Rubble Off intercourse toys both from a operate perspective and during personal enjoyment sessions, the series possesses turn into more enhanced in phrases of the different variations accessible and their stimulating characteristics. Here’s the collection of Dirt Off bullet vibrators right now on the market:


The original Boulders Away RO-80mm bullet vibrator has been your ‘basic’ one swiftness, battery driven, press button in the starting operation, waterproof, effective tiny vibrator. I say simple, certainly not as a criticism but as an accurate information. This has been an ABS plastic material vibrator real estate a powerful small engine, with calm vibrations which have been absolutely definitely not rumbly but not excessive rate of recurrence ‘tinny’ buzz, either. It obtained the work executed – for me, and for many others, if you Yahoo for RO-80 topic ambiance opinions.

Now, the Boulders Down RO-80mm bullet vibrator movie 18+ will come in a 7 vibrating purpose option (or still single swiftness, if you prefer), with an assortment of unique colours and patterns out there. You can pick from silver, went up silver, rainbow, pink, light red, red, dark, leopard printing, bloom print out, and even more.


There are usually now several Rocks Away from bullet vibrators in the marginally bigger size of 90mm period. Besides from the rechargeable alternative, these 90mt vibes are electric by one AAA battery. They’re all waterproof, and feature 10 capabilities of vibrating satisfaction.

  • Rubble Out of Photograph To Thrill 10 Function Topic Vibrator (available in flower platinum or silverado) £13.99
  • Rocks Away from Touch of Velvet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator (out there in Flower Blush, Aqua Lily, Soft Lilac, Peach Blossom, Sunflower Summer season & Peacock Petals) £15.99
  • Stones Away Cosmic Joy 10 Function Topic Vibrator (out there in Ultra, Spectra or Electra) £19.99
  • Rocks Away from Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Vibromatic Pleasures Bullet Vibrator (obtainable in Daydream, Halcyon Daze or Night Wish) £18.99
  • Rocks Off of Truly Yours 10 Function Topic Vibrator (Crimson Make out & Scarlet Velvet) £15.99
  • Rocks Off of Opulent Joys 10 Function Topic Vibrator (Tiffany Pink/Coco Rose Silver) £21.99
  • Gravel down Ignition Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator in Rose Money £29.99


The RO-100mm vibrators come in the original rigid Abdominal muscles vinyl fashion, or with a silicone soft tip for fluttery orgasmic fun. The pursuing will be all waterproof and electric battery powered.

  • Stones Away RO-100mm Soft Tip Topic Vibrator (out there in dark, reddish, purple or pinkish) £14.99
  • Boulders Away from RO-Mona (in red or purple) £14.99
  • Rubble Off Bamboo 10 Function Topic Vibrator (on the market in went up yellow metal, black, fire, ice or mondri-anne) £14.99-18.99. This vibrator features a cuboid design with angled tip.


These are usually also battery power run, requiring two AAA batteries to work. They present 10 modes of vibrating enjoyment, and they’re completely waterproof.

  • Rubble Off RO-120mm Ammo L’Amour Topic Vibrator (available in went up platinum, chrome, fuchsia, reddish or money) £19.99
  • Dirt Away Truly Yours Bullet Vibrator (in Purple Alert) £19.99


Dirt Away RO-140mm Softer Tip Bullet Vibrator movie 18+ (on the market in dark-colored, reddish, purple or red) £24.99. This fluttery suggestion vibrator can take two D dimensions batteries, gives 7 capabilities and will be fully waterproof.


These 160mm love-making playthings are getting pretty chunky to nevertheless be explained as ‘bullet vibes’, but they possess that personal unsecured form and are greater versions of their petite siblings.

They’re just about all waterproof -of course -and need two AA batteries to feature. Procedure is definitely via the normal drive switch on the bottom. These vibes all offer you 10 functions of vibrating delight.

  • Boulders Off Hit By The Electricity Of Take pleasure in (on the market in went up by gold, light red, leopard printing, purple, cobalt azure and ruby red) £24.99
  • Boulders Off Lal Hardy (Hearts & Roses) £26.99
  • Rubble Out of Truly Yours (Rouge Allure) £24.99

Various other Stones Out of Bullets

Amongst the riches of some other sex playthings Mountain off produce, there’s a several stand-alone bullet vibes which happen to be worthy of consuming a look at. These stunning intercourse gadgets are waterproof as standard, and require one AAA to feature. They present 10 vibrating capabilities.

  • Boulders Away from Unihorn (multicoloured/iridescent) £19.99
  • Rocks Out of Aura (metallic) £19.99
  • RO-LUX (increased gold) £16.99

Gravel Away from have as well produced various sex toy sets, under the sub-range ‘Feranti’. These typically include things like a topic vibrator many of these as the RO-80mmeters, and they’re a good way to swiftly & quickly add a number of Gravel Off vibrators to your toy pack for a range of encounters.

and at Bondara.

Consequently Divine Topic Vibrators

Therefore Divine produce reliably effective making love toys and games, largely in light red and purple tones with a dash of sterling silver and flower money here and there. Their selection comes with different bullet vibrators, which are powered by the standard drive press button on the foundation. They’re all electric battery managed (unless described as rechargeable) and waterproof.

  • Hence Divine Doin’ It Little Vibrating Bullet (Green) £6.99
  • Consequently Divine Sexy MF Mini Vibrating Bullet (Purple) £6.99
  • So Divine French Make out Vibrating Bullet (Green) £7.99
  • Thus Divine Will need You Today Vibrating Topic (Silver) £7.99
  • Consequently Divine Flower Money Halo Vibrating Bullet £7.99
  • Consequently Divine Thinkin’ Round You Vibrating Bullet £7.99
  • Consequently Divine Whole Lotta Love 7 Function Bullet Vibrator (80mm, Black) £10.99
  • Thus Divine Afternoon Joy 10 Function Topic Vibrator (90mm, Purple) £13.99
  • Consequently Divine Get Fortunate USB Rechargeable Vibrator £29.99

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Store all of Hence Divine bullet vibrators:

Minx Bullet Vibrators

Minx is a brand from Merely Pleasure; one of the Minx, Linx and Kinx trio of inexpensive, budget-friendly making love plaything makes. There will be a several bullet vibrators under the Minx branding. Testimonials suggest these aren’t the virtually all strong or deluxe bullet vibrators out there, but they’re absolutely a affordable and easy method to put some fresh exploratory excitement to your model box and enjoyment classes.

  • Minx Dry Single Full speed Bullet Vibrator £5.95
  • Minx Bliss 7 Setting Waterproof Bullet Vibrator £9.95
  • Minx Blossom 10 Function Waterproof Bullet Vibrator £10.95
  • Minx Easiness Bullet Whisper Quiet Mini Vibrator £11.95

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Bondara Topic Vibrators

Bondara feature two major ‘own-brand bullet vibrators, which seem closely modelled on the Boulders Off fashion of bullet vibe. Properly… if it ain’capital t broke! There’s a single quickness choice for much less than £5, and a 10 function type for simply under £10. Alas they’re marked just as only ‘splashproof’. They’re in addition power supply operated, and arrive in a great impressive array of tones.

  • Bondara Pocket Pleasure Single Rate Bullet Vibrator (increased by gold, silver, pinkish & magenta) £4.99
  • Bondara Take to Thrill 10 Function Bullet Vibrator (reddish, metallic black, increased by magic, glowing blue, pinkish, purple, metallic) £9.99
  • Bondara 5-Rate Long Strength Bullet £14.99

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Go shopping most Bondara bullet vibes:

Ann Summers Topic Vibrators

I’ve currently waxed lyrical about how many I just love the Ann Summers Moregasm In addition Bullet Vibrator… it’s presently major of my portable faves. Ann Summers possess developed a assortment of other topic vibrators also, as nicely as re-branding a partners of the Stones Off designs under licence.

Lots of of the Ann Summers bullets will be electric battery operated, most are rechargeable – and rates have a respectable range to lure to both the budget-conscious and those seeking for a extensive investment in enjoyment.

  • Ann Summers Moregasm In addition Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator £45
  • Quantum 7 Rate Vibrating Bullet £16
  • Ann Summers Chrome Bullet Vibrator £13
  • Ann Summers Small Bullet (in light red, purple or sterling silver) £6
  • Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Rechargeable Silicone Topic £35
  • Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Rechargeable Power Topic £25

Apparently re-branded from Stones Down under licence:

  • Difficult Push Topic £15 (comparable to the RO-80 Sir Luvalot)
  • Flower Silver Mini Vibrator £15 (similar shape as the RO Aura)

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Shop all of Ann Summers bullets:

BMS Factory Bullet Vibrators

I completely love the extreme ability that BMS Factory have been able to squeeze into their usually small-sized motors. They created the electricity behind one of my all-time most liked rabbit vibes, the Swan Whooper – and their topic vibes will be similarly strong. In simple fact, they’ve actually known as their signature fashion the ‘PowerBullet’!

BMS Factory possess some sub-ranges which include a bullet vibe too – quite a few of which are usually battery driven, plenty of are usually rechargeable. You can discover BMS Factory gender toys at many major grown-up model vendors on line.

  • PowerBullet Breeze (2.25 inch, 3.5 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch options, and various colours)
  • Us platinum PowerBullet (3 inch or 5.5 inch)
  • MiVibe with Chain (3-quickness waterproof PowerBullet on neck sequence, in several tones)
  • Rain Textured Topic Vibe (3 inch, 7 functions)
  • Wonderlust Purity (Pink, White or Purple)
  • Simple & Accurate 3.5 inch Rechargeable Topic (Pink, Teal or Purple)
  • Pillow Talk Flirty Rechargeable Tiny Massager (Light red or Teal)
  • Small Swan Pink Silicone USB Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator
  • Tiny Swan Diamonds Silicone USB Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

Natural stone Sweet Playthings Topic Vibrators

Mountain Sweets Making love Playthings feature a selection of items hence eye-poppingly colourful they instantly put a laugh on my face. With delicious sound labels and drool-worthy color strategies, it might get hard to avoid their candy-style attraction. They come to feel many much better anywhere else than on your tongue, nevertheless!

There’s a couple of bullet-style vibrators in the funky Rock Nice Making love Toys collection; they’re quick to use, battery-powered and waterproof.

  • Ordinary Nice Mega Small Topic (Purple, Blue, Green or Blue) £6.95
  • Natural stone Sweet Candy Stick (Bubblegum Lilac, Blueberry Violet, Cinnamon Crimson & Jelly Bean Crimson) £23.95

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Perlesque Topic Vibrators

Perlesque love-making playthings present an up-market vibe for recognisably effective intercourse toy models. Their selection comprises different vibrators in gentle and black grey tones, which will be desirably en vogue. The prices are usually a little high, in my impression, but as an independent grownup item manufacturer with no next gathering, set up recruits that I’m informed of, I’m positive they have a great deal of costs to cover.

These seem to be your glamorous ‘purse vibrators’; gender gadgets which I wouldn’t be surprised to discover describes of between the pages of top glossy magazines, using in Jimmyjane Little Chroma’s footsteps.

  • Perlesque Rhea Small Topic Vibrator £25
  • Perlesque Eirene Topic Vibrator £30
  • Perlesque Lyra Mini Strength Vibrator £30
  • Perlesque Artemis Strength Vibrator £40

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Go shopping almost all Perlesque sex playthings:

Durex Bullet Vibrators

Durex happen to be likely best identified for their condoms -they’lso are the identify a person can promise you’ll spy in the ‘spouse and children preparation’ locations of supermarkets and high neighborhood chemists. Along with their well-known condoms, Durex in addition produce lubricants and a selection of intimacy toys and games.

I haven’t acquired many luck with Durex gender playthings in person. I find the vibrations extremely losing investigated to other alternatives on the marketplace. Not necessarily just in terms of sheer ability -I do not evaluate everything to the jackhammer joys of the Doxy- but in conditions of the style of vibrating stimulation. The Durex vibrators I’ve attempted so considerably appear to end up being both higher pitched buzzy and frustratingly inadequate.

I had been thrilled to be asked along the table of consultants prior to one of their collection unveilings a several yrs back again; only to come to be let down to discover they’d already produced all the devices -rendering any expert ideas, tickets or referrals totally moot.

  • Durex Intense Impress Bullet Vibrator £9.99
  • Durex Thrilling Touch Stroker Vibrator £19.99

Cosmopolitan Love-making Gadgets

Regarded just as one of the primary women’s glossy magazines, Cosmopolitan just lately launched beyond gender tips and printing a several sex toy assessments and introduced their unique range. The Cosmopolitan making love plaything series has got merely one bullet vibrator, the Cosmopolitan Enchantment Rechargeable Topic Vibrator available in lilac or blue.

Although neither the Pleasure Board or I have tried any Cosmopolitan making love playthings however, this is by reason of to switch in the near future… therefore view this area! I’m really engaged to discover out if like an recognized newspaper features effectively released a selection of effective intercourse toys and games that consumers and reviewers take pleasure in.

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